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Financial Coaching

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At Planning Partners, our mission is clear.

We will:

  • Partner with you to set and meet your financial goals
  • Guide & support you on your financial journey, without judgment!
  • Partner with you to learn the tools and habits to help you meet your financial goals
  • Provide mentoring, accountability and support, empowering YOU to control your financial future
  • Help you and your student plan for a future after high school
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let's get started

Choose one primary service area below to learn more about how we can support you as you change your financial story.


Debt, Budgeting, Organizing Your Financial Life, Creating and Reaching Goals

Exploring options after graduation; REAL costs of college & debt repayment;

Realistic financial aid expectations. Is college even necessary for your career?



Learn how to confidently manage your finances in whatever "new normal" you are experiencing

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Are you Ready to Organize Your Financial Life?

Financial coaching and planning to help you budget, understand where your money is going, pay off debt and get your finances organized. You will feel empowered and in charge of your finances after our time together.

You and your coach will meet to develop a customized plan to help you budget, save, pay off debt, plan for college, plan for retirement, and reach your dreams. Your plan is designed to help you meet the goals you have.

You will also work through any emotional barriers to your money. Barriers like shame, guilt, and feeling hopeless can stop you from even starting. Coaching can help you move beyond these barriers and and help you create a plan so you can thrive in your financial life starting TODAY!

Budget planning
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start changing your story today

If you are ready to break free of your past mistakes with money, grow more confident in your ability to budget and control your money, and walk toward a future where anxiety and shame around finances are a thing of the past, schedule a free consultation today.

Planning Partners Financial Coaching is here to guide you as you develop the skills and confidence to live your best life with your money.

Plans are individualized based on desired outcomes and needs. Schedule your initial free consultation today to begin your journey to your new financial story!

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Make a Plan for Life After High School

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Graduating from high school brings change, excitement and some uncertainty. Parents and their students need to have a realistic picture to help them make informed decisions and decide on the right next step in their student's journey.

In your coaching sessions we will explore:

  • Various post-high school options - trade school, college, workforce, etc.
  • Community college costs vs. 4 Year options
  • Realistic family contributions
  • Realistic scholarship/grant expectations
  • Impact of students working while in college
  • Compare living at home vs on your own
  • Realistic salary expectations for various careers
  • What student loan repayments look like in the real world
  • What living expenses look like after college
  • Creating a budget and sticking to it after graduation
  • The logical AND emotional aspects of choosing your path
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Navigating Big Life Changes With Confidence

Divorce, death of a loved one, recent college graduation, losing or changing a job, having a baby...these are just a few of the dramatic changes that can impact your finances.

A coaching partnership can help you create a solid plan to keep you on a strong financial path as you navigate these big life changes.

We will meet to develop a customized plan to guide you into your future, in whatever place you find yourself. We will:

  • Develop a realistic budget
  • Discuss the emotional aspect of life changes on finances
  • Provide accountability and encouragement on your financial journey
  • Empower you to walk into your future
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Planning Partners

Financial Coaching

Budget your way to freedom

Learning how to effectively and consistently budget your money will feel like you gave yourself a raise. You will be in control of your finances - not the other way around.

Budget Planning App

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Financial Coaching